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Rich Bender Email

After being back to the mainland for a week, I am jonesing bad for another warm water dive with Ed's crew.  We using them last year while in Maui, so we new right were to go to get the best service that anyone could offer.  Dave, you are a funny guy and  we enjoyed diving with you again this year just as we did last. (Kim said thanks for the octo rescue at red hill, which actually led us to the eagle ray) The whole crew is awesome !   Of all the charter services we have tried on Maui, its nice to see ED actually participates in his clients dives and is there to greet his guest in the early morning departures. It makes next years decision very easy to know who we will book all of our trips with.  Look forward to seeing all of you next summer, Rich, Kim, and AJ


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Pete & Ashley 

Last May we vacationed in Maui and dove with Ed's FANTASTIC team!  Not only were the dives excellent, but the staff at the dive shop gave us some awesome tips on other things to do while we were there.  They were all wonderful, even Ed's dogs!  LOL!  We are currently planning our next Maui and to dive with Ed and his team again! 

David Glazer 

My two teenage daughters and I just got back from Maui, where they did their first post-certification dives.  We went out Tuesday and Thursday, did two dives each day, and had a fabulous time.  Great staff, great service, great company.
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