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Pete & Ashley 

Last May we vacationed in Maui and dove with Ed's FANTASTIC team!  Not only were the dives excellent, but the staff at the dive shop gave us some awesome tips on other things to do while we were there.  They were all wonderful, even Ed's dogs!  LOL!  We are currently planning our next Maui and to dive with Ed and his team again! 

David Glazer 

My two teenage daughters and I just got back from Maui, where they did their first post-certification dives.  We went out Tuesday and Thursday, did two dives each day, and had a fabulous time.  Great staff, great service, great company.

Pamela Stephens Email


Just returned home from Maui. One of the highlights of my trip was diving with your most excellent outfit on 1/7 and 1/8. Everyone at the dive shop was helpful (special thanks to Jeffrey and Evalyn) and the guys on the boat couldn't have been nicer. Ken surprised everyone by "calling roll" from memory (impressive that he could call us all by name). Justin, Dave and Will worked as a team to get us underway and in the water as quickly and safely as possible. Dave made sure my dive was memorable and fun. Back the next day - Ricardo on board with Will as captain. Another fabulous day of diving with Super Dave (BTW I left fins on boat and he delivered them to the home where I stayed).

Next trip I will make sure I have at least 5 days to dive with ya'll! Thanks for your efforts to personalize the experience. I will absolutely recommend EDRA to my friends and can't wait to dive with you again. Ed, sending us off each morning with the pups along was a nice touch!
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